Aerial Views of RAF Swannington 1946 & 2001

I am indebted to Mike Page ( who took these coloured
photographs for me and for granting me permission to reproduce them here.

The top photo is facing approx. NW. The arrows show the lines of the 3 runways. A is the remains of the control tower (D in the lower picture) B is the tiny Haveringland church depicted elsewhere in this website.C & D are the sites of the 2 hangers, and E is the bomb store area. In the lower photograph, facing approx.NE, E shows the tarmac roads overlaying the airfield concrete roads, and is typical of how several of the local roads were reinstated after the airfield closed.The lower photograph is facing approx. NE

      This birds eye view of RAF Swannington, taken whilst still operational in 1946, was reproduced from "Bases of Bomber 
      Command - Then & Now" by Roger Freeman, published by AFTER THE BATTLE.

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