Winch's Way
Winch's Way

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Winch's Way is a network of footpaths, named after the Winch family who resided in the Manor until recently. This five mile walk is probably the best way to take in the beauty and places of interest in the parish. It encompasses all four commons (see poem below).

Click on the map to enlarge it, then print it out to help you find your way around, or use OS map 134 in the Landranger series. Park near the village pump, walk up to the church, turn left through the iron gates and away you go! The route is well waymarked.

Remember to observe the Country Code. You will be passing through areas of ecological and agricultural sensitivity. This walk has something to offer in all seasons, but be prepared for some boggy stretches after prolonged wet weather.

      Royal W J Cooper (b.1880), a local farmer, wrote and
published a book called "POEMS & PROVERBS".
      His daughter Pearl has kindly given me permission to 
include extracts from this poem:


Swannington, a pretty village lay
Ten miles from Norwich Town,
If you will it a visit pay
You'll find it of renown.

A common bounds its Norwich side
A rivulet runs through this one,
And one called Alderford
Of four the biggest two.

Hengrave another one can claim,
Can claim a streamlet too,
The Court House too of noble fame
Though only known to few.

Town common too can boast a stream,
A pump a village hall,
With trout and pike and roach and bream
A call to Nature call.

Four commons all common to all,
To God and man belong,
To Nature's child, their nature call,
A call of Nature strong.

Under the spreading chestnut still
The village smithy stands,
The Church close by upon the hill,
Built by those slavish hands.

From crowded street and crowded hall,
Your heritage declare,
Our Commons, common are to all,
As sea and light and air.

Swannington a Village free to All,
Ten miles from Norwich Town,
If common common to you call
Why should the Common frown?

                    R J W Cooper
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