The Street

  The photograph on the left was taken c1902. Note 
  the Village pump, erected in 1888. None of the 
  other buildings exist today.
  Below is the same view c1920. Note the sign of
  the 'Blackhorse' and the shop attached to
  'Wolvercott' beyond. The thatched cottage has 
  been demolished and replaced by Brook Cottages.
  There was little change from then until the late 
  1960's, when almost the whole row was demolished.

  This photograph, kindly given by Paulette Solomon,
  shows the street before the road was metalled - 
  c1930 ?. 
  The cottage beyond the white one was a shop owned 
  by the Miss' Brigham & Spinks.
  Just visible is the Cobblers, a little shop, later known 
  as Eileen's Pop-In. Records show cobblers existed in 
  the village at least as early as 1836, when Benjamin
  Smith practiced here, followed by William Smith in 
  1868 and Nehemiah Smith in 1896. In the 20's & 30's 
  Frank Wilkinson was the shoemender. How many of 
  these operated in the same workshop is not yet

 The stream crossing
 Swannington common 
 viewed from the 
 bridge, looking west.

 Taken around 1960, 
 this shows Eileen's 
 Pop-In, which closed 
 about 1970. The 
 'Brooke Bond Tea'
 sign remained on the 
 wall for many years 
 [All 1960's & 70's
 Photographs by kind 
 permission of Sid

 On the right is an
 unusual view of
 'Wolvercott'. The
 attached building
 being renovated was 
 once the village 
 blacksmith's shop. 

   The two plaques are attached to the Village Pump.
   The Pump was built in 1888 by Mrs Elizabeth 
   Hastings Parker to commemorate the death of her 
   dear husband. She gave 300 to the Parish, the
   interest from which, was to maintain the Pump. 
   Any residue was to be used for the upkeep of the 
   The second plaque commemorates her death in
   1907.  She had lived to over 100 years old.
   The Pump was originally tiled with wooden
   shingles, but was later thatched.

   This photograph of the pump 
   [copyright Norfolk CC] shows 
   the front of the last pair of
   old cottages, and their 
   proximity to the road.

   My guess is that this was
   taken circa 1930.
   Do you know differently ?

Owned by Norfolk CC, this photograph is purported to be of
Swannington - Can you identify exactly where it is ?

   This piece of the 1808 map shows Swannington 
   Street. The roads are brown, and buildings 
   The writing is hardly discernible but reading 
   from left to right the words are:
   To Aylsham, Church, Parsonage, Swannington 
   1. Ketts Lane  2. Church Lane 3.Old Rectory
   4. Black Horse 5. Stream      6.Common 
   7.Broad Lane

 Around 1980 Chapel
 Cottages were  virtually
 rebuilt, using the same 
 walls but elevating  the
 Peeping out behind 
 them on the right hand
 photograph is the 
 rear of the old 
 Primitive Chapel, built 
 in 1863, but 
 demolished c1990.

In its final years the
Chapel was used as a 
Chapel of Rest by 
Gordon Barber, Funeral 
Directors of Aylsham 
Rd, Norwich. Here are 
two views of the
exterior & interior
of our Chapel taken 
at that time. I am
indebted to the 
Barber Family for 
allowing me to 
reproduce them here. 

This house stands 
today on the site 
of the old Chapel.

This Norfolk CC photograph is my favourite!
Can anyone date it for me ?

R GIBBONS © 2001