The History of Swannington

My intention is to include as much information as I can obtain to illustrate the kind of life the ordinary people of Swannington led in the past, and, with the aid of pictures, maps and hopefully descriptions from those who can remember their early days, recreate the atmosphere in which they lived.

To achieve this I need the input from those villagers or ex-villagers who have this material and knowledge. The advantage of a web site rather than a book, is the ability to add and change the content continuously. This way, the Local History section of this site will change and grow, as will the number of topics. All donations of information will be acknowledged on the site. Nothing will be published without permission, and all papers, photos etc will be returned unharmed.

Roger Gibbons,'Zeando',The Street,Swannington.

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This map of Swannington was surveyed and drawn in 1808